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    California has been recognized as the fifth-largest economy in the world, ahead of the United Kingdom and behind Germany.  It’s no wonder that many states are looking to the golden state to be the gold standard (pun intended) when it comes to regulating their newly legal cannabis industry.  From standardizing the supply chain to helping the legal market compete with the illegal market and everything in between, there’s a lot to figure out.  The regulating agency for most of California’s cannabis regulations, the Bureau of Cannabis Control, has launched a new campaign focusing on consumer education and unlicensed cannabis businesses to help.

    The “Get #weedwise” campaign is an outreach effort to inform consumers of the risks associated with purchasing their cannabis from unlicensed businesses.  It’s also aimed at the unlicensed businesses and the consequences of continuing to operate in the gray and black markets.

    From a consumer’s perspective, it’s all about health.  In today’s world of corners being cut and a myopic focus on profits at the expense of quality, it should come as no surprise to hear that some growers and manufacturers may be using dangerous, foreign material – including chemicals, mold and fecal matter (gross!) – that can be found in illegal, untested cannabis.  It’s a real issue that California is taking seriously, and one that’s easily solved for by strict testing standards.  Bottom line – purchasing from licensed retailers will ensure that what you’re putting in your body has been tested according to the standards put in place by the state.

    At CanSact, our mission is to ensure that everybody has convenient access to high-quality, legal cannabis products.  Only licensed businesses are allowed to sell at cansact.com and we adhere to each state’s unique legal requirements.  If you’re a consumer, you’ll know that everything you buy is tested and handled by licensed cannabis businesses from seed to sale.  If you’re a business, you’ll know that we’ve taken the risk out of unintentionally buying and selling cannabis products to unlicensed businesses.

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